This website is my portfolio and home of my efforts to brand myself. It’s an attempt at writing out some of my thoughts and opinions in long form. I hope it can be valuable to others, but it’s inherently personal.  

While I hope what you find here is engaging and perhaps even enlightening, I’m not liable for outcomes that relate to taking what’s written here as professional advice.  

I’ll be doing my best to fact check and link my sources whenever I can, but I may be mistaken at times. I’ll also be transparent in the way I use data and statistics to paint a picture.  

Finally, I own everything on this website. I write my own words and my visual media is all made by me on Canva, or taken from Scale. As such, I have control over how both the words and pictures are to be used. If I ever share other’s content, I’ll be sure to give all credit where it’s due. 

That’s all. That’s the whole disclaimer.