Hello! My name is Ed, or that’s what I go by anyway. I was born in Québec but grew up in Whitehorse, all the way North in Yukon. 

I guess I would self-label as a Millennial-Zoomer following my article on the topic. I’m pretty nerdy and spend a lot of my time writing, reading, and playing video games and Dungeons & Dragons. 

I’ve also picked up baking and ice skating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both were skills I’ve always wanted to get better at, and the pandemic was a good excuse to put time and effort into finally achieving competency in them.

I can’t stress enough how interested I am in tech. It’s guided me for most of my life, whether that was in my studies or in my hobbies. I hope to keep learning about it, and with a bit of luck, to find work in that field!